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Let the stress of shopping go!

If you make emotional purchases, don't know how to combine outfits and choose accessories, or just the thought of going shopping brings you utter pain, my personal shopping experience is just for you!


My job is to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to shop stress free. I will help you make informed purchases. No more buying things that will only sit at the back of your closet unworn. Once we compile and finalize your shopping list, I will choose the perfect shopping location based on your budget, list, and store preferences. 

1. Shopping Prep

  • We take a look at your lifestyle to gain an understanding of your needs

  • Develop your personal style, and pinpoint your challenges and style goals

  • Define your body type and the color palettes that compliment your beautiful skin

  • Create your shopping list

2. A Day of Shopping

  • I select the shops that best fit your needs (style and budget)

  • I provide recommendations on styles, silhouettes, cuts, and colors for you

  • I create complete and interchangeable looks for your closet

3. Outcome

  • I will help you choose items that you actually need and that fit you well

  • You will understand your body type and what works best for you

  • Shopping token- We take photos of each look for your reference

*Upgrade to a private VIP fitting room - Sherie Renell styles your looks and has a fitting room set aside for you before you arrive. Upon arrival, all you have to do is walk right in

and start trying! $250 add on ($350 Value)


*Upgrade to Shopping brought to YOU- Sherie Renell will go shopping based on the consultation and shopping list and bring your looks directly to you. (price varies on the number of looks needed)

P​rice: Starting at $750

Includes the 1 hour of consultation, Up to 3 hours of personal shopping, 30 days of style advice

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