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WARDROBE DETOX- Let’s create your perfect closet & solve the problem of not knowing what to wear.

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated, annoyed, and confused about what to wear every morning? Do you result in wearing the same outfit over and over again? 


If you said yes to both or either of those questions, it is time to invest in a wardrobe detox!

1. Style Consultation

  • We take a look at your lifestyle to gain an understanding of your needs

  • Develop your personal style, and pinpoint your challenges and style goals

  • Define your body type and the color palettes that compliment your beautiful skin

2. Closet Evaluation

  • We take a deep dive into your closet

  • Removal of any outdated or overworn pieces

  • Mix and coordinate pieces that were never worn together, creating fresh looks 

3. The Grab-And-Go Closet

  • Once we have cleansed your wardrobe, you will have complete looks styled in your closet that you can just grab, put on, and be on your way!

  • Choose a variety of style categories. (Business, Casual, Date Night, Formal, etc)

P​rice: Starting at $750 

Includes 1 hour of consultation, 3 hours of wardrobe revision, Personal look book, Shopping list, 30 days of style advice

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